Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes us the best photo booth in the area?

A. An Event to Remember photo booth is the only booth in area that has the option to send photos via email and facebook. This allows you to send videos and photos to yourself while you are still in the booth.


Q. How is our quality different?

A. An owner will be present at every event ensuring your satisfaction. Our photos are clear, never grainy, faded, or blurred. Every picture is taken with such high resolution that it can be enlarged.


Q. How many pictures can you get per an event?

A. You get unlimited prints at an event so it’s up to your guests to start the party and enjoy the memories they will make.


Q. How many guests can your booth accommodate?

A. They are designed to squeeze in a group of 6 people. But the more the merrier!


Q. Will there be someone from An Event To Remember Photo Booth at the event to make sure things are running great?

A. Definitely! We are as excited about your event as you are and look forward to making your memories last forever.


Q. How much space do you need at an event?

A. The booth is about 7ft tall and 4ft wide. We need to have a nearby electrical outlet and we can also accommodate out door events.


Q. I want to rent the booth for my corporate event, can we brand the booth with our company logo?

A. Yes, we do offer the option of fully branding the booth with your company colors, and logo.


Q. Can we get reprints of our strips?

A. Yes, we are the only photo booth that has the ability to facebook or email your self the print while your there in the booth.